Hello, my lovelies! Get ready for an enchanting journey as we embark on an Egyptian escapade like no other. Grab your sunnies, hats, and SPF, because we are headed off on an adventure to the land of pharaohs, pyramids, and the beautiful Nile.

Safety First, Always!

Traveling solo can be such an exhilarating experience but remember to always prioritize safety. Not to worry, though. Egypt is relatively safe, especially for us solo female explorers. Keep a trustworthy friend or family member updated about your whereabouts, and be alert about your surroundings. In the unlikely event you find yourself uncomfortable, trust your intuition and move away from the situation. Confidence is key, girls!

Choosing the Right Tour Group

Egypt is a treasure trove of ancient history and culture, and the best way to truly experience it is through a guided tour. After much research, I opted for the Egypt Eye, and oh boy, was it a fabulous decision!

Yes, it might be a little on the pricey side, but honey, it is so worth it! Their guides are knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly, prioritize your safety. Plus, they take photos for you (a solo traveler’s dream, am I right?). Imagine having those perfect Insta-worthy shots against the backdrop of the Great Pyramids, without worrying about awkward selfies or fumbling with a tripod.

Dress Respectfully

The Egyptian culture is rich, beautiful, and conservative. As visitors, it’s essential to be respectful and mindful of their customs. This includes our attire, ladies. Make sure to pack loose-fitting clothes that cover your shoulders and knees. Maxi dresses, tunics, and loose pants will be your best friends here.

Remember to carry a scarf, not just to cover up when needed, but also to protect against the desert sun. Not only will you be respecting the local culture, but you’ll also look chic while doing so!

Friendly Local Interaction

The Egyptians are a friendly bunch. Don’t be surprised if they want to take photos with you. While this might feel a little odd at first, keep in mind that it’s just curiosity and a friendly gesture. They aren’t aggressive, but if you ever feel uncomfortable, it’s perfectly okay to politely decline.

Final Thoughts

Traveling to Egypt as a solo female traveler is an enchanting, eye-opening journey into a land that beautifully blends ancient culture and modernity. With a sprinkle of safety measures, the right tour group, respectful attire, and an open mind, your Egyptian adventure can be an unforgettable one.

Stay bold, stay beautiful, and most importantly, stay adventurous. Here’s to experiencing the magic of the world, one solo trip at a time! Ciao, my beauties!


P.S.: Don’t forget to bring back a cartouche pendant or a tiny pyramid as a keepsake. It will always remind you of the golden sands, mesmerizing sphinx, and the dazzling Nile under the Egyptian sky. And of course, to make your friends a tad jealous, too!

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